Individualized plans to guide you towards a healthier, more vibrant life.


For over 20 years, Dr. Douglas Pitt and his team have provided the highest quality of chiropractic care to the residents of Auburn and the surrounding communities. Chiropractic care is a non-invasive form of medicine that focuses on the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders, particularly those involving the spine.

Chiropractic care is a safe and effective treatment option for patients that are suffering from:


Chiropractic adjustments and manual therapies aim to realign the spine and other joints, reducing inflammation and pressure on nerves, and restoring proper function to the body. Additionally, chiropractic care offers our patients benefits beyond pain relief, such as:

  • improved immune system function
  • better sleep quality
  • increased range of motion
  • improved overall well-being
  • and more!

We work closely with each of our patients to create an individualized treatment plan that may include adjustments, exercises, and lifestyle changes to promote long-term health and wellness.

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Our Chiropractic Techniques

Not all chiropractic techniques are created equal, click the button below to learn more about which techniques we use to treat patients here at Auburn Chiropractic Health Clinic.

The Role of Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercises can help to provide relief from pain and also assist with injury recovery. Click the button below to learn more about how we use these exercises to help our patients.